Well, maybe if ya come over here…

We can have a conversa-shin.

Scoot over, hot stuff.  Lemme see what kind’a language I can get ya spillin’…


…S’real specific six.

Mhm..  ’S that right..  Ya might have t’give me a hint, Party babe, I’m feelin’ kinda curious.


…Well why the hell did’ja sit there and listen?

I could’a thought up at least….

…at least… six things ya could’a been doin’.

'Cause I couldn't exactly ignore it, ya dingus.

Six, huh?  ’S pretty specific…


Last night was fun, Spaceboy… I dunno what you were doin’~

Uh, I was drinkin’, which was fun, and listenin’ to Kobra over there choke on a certain somebody’s dick.  Which was not fun.


Mm… Listen to ‘em squaaaak.

And I thought last night was bad…..  ugh.

Ssssshuuutttt uuuppppp.


Just take it reallllll slow like.

Come on, would I mess with you like that?

//big puppy dog eyes//


//hair ruffle aw//


Oh come on Jet, you can trust meeeeeee. Here I already made you a glass, come on. 
Don’t make me beggggg

Not for this anyway, maybe something else, later..

Don’t be temptin’ me, you little minx.

…Alright, fine, gimme.  But this better not be spiked with somethin’ dastardly, I know how you work.


I”m the bartender now!

What will it be……. Jet?

No, no, I’ve seen what booze looks like in your hands.  I’m gonna stick with my own shit, thanks.



Eheheeeee <3

'Eyyy, ya sexy thinggg~ Y'should say more good things about cute li'l bloody me… I like ya like this. <3

Reeh-eed, lissen, I ever tell ya somethin’?  Me an’.. an’ Jet, we got a thing.  He doesn’t b’lieve me that I could grab you up and fuck ya till that cute voice ‘a yers breaks from screamin’.

Thas’ wrong, I never said that.